Amazon, Brazil

Explore the Amazon Lowlands 8 days

This expedition takes you through eastern Amazon to explore the rain forest and narrow rivers with an incredible diversity of wildlife. You’ll also meet the people who make their lives on the banks of the Amazon river, the “ribeirinhos” and the traditional communities.

People from forest

EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS: Search for incredible diversity of wildlife including macaws, monkeys, exotic birds and Amazon river dolphins. Visit tiny villages and meet the friendly locals who inhabit this lush wilderness; Fly over the mouth of the bigger river in the world the Amazon; Visit the colorful Ver-o-Peso Market and meet the diversity of flavors coming from the forest; hike in the deep Amazon Rain Forest and meet the giant Kapok trees; Discover the natural and cultural riches of Marajó Island, the bigger island in Brazil; Walk in the grasslands and observe the wildlife; Knowing the ancient marajoara ceramics; Dancing carimbó; Knowing the forest latex production; swimming in rivers of clear water; catch sight of dolphins at sunset.

Itinerary Overview

Day 1 – Arrive to Belém
Day 2 – The Colorful Market/ the “Ribeireños” & the traditional forest communities
Day 3 – Crossing the Amazon River/ Wildlife Viewing & “Carimbó”
Day 4 – Buffalo brigade & Mangroves
Day 5 – Pesqueiro Beach / Fly to Belém & Santarém
Day 6 – Lago Verde (Green lake)/ “Piraoca” Hill/ Shoal Cururú
Day 7 – Hiking Tapajós National Forest/ Traditional Forest Communities
Day 8 – Return home city


Day 1 – Arrive to Belém

Travelers can take a non-stop flight from Miami flying LATAM (JJ 8093 / JJ 8092) or choose any flight & routing combination coming from Europe flying TAP (TP 45). Please if possible, plan to arrive Belém by mid-afternoon. Our locally based, bi-lingual trip leader greets your flight and takes you to check-in at the chosen hotel to drop bags and freshen-up. Lodging for two nights in Belém.

This evening our suggestion, if you arrive in time to watch the sunset in the “Guajará” Bay, is go to the “Estação das Docas” for a tasting of craft beers from regional flavors in the “Amazon Beer”, followed by dinner at local food restaurant “Lá em Casa”, famous for the organization of the Food Festival “Ver-o-Peso’s da Cozinha Paraense “, try the “Corridinho de Peixe” a tasting of several Amazonian fishes and dessert with ice cream of “cupuaçú”.

Day 2

The Colorful Market – Begin the day with a guided walking tour of the ver-o-peso market, the largest in South America. Here, the Amazon’s mega-diversity is on brash display, with acres of stalls dedicated to tucupí (manioc broth), açaí (an Amazonian berry), micro-shrimp, giant fish and exotic fruits of every shape, color and size.

The “Ribeirinhos” & the traditional forest communities – Take a boat ride along the Guamá River to reach the small port of Boa Vista do Acará Village. The way passing thru native houses known by “ribeirinhos”, the Amazonian people living along the river. At arrival we start a hiking Village trails of Boa Vista do Acará, w/ native vegetation. On the way, we pass thru a large tree and centennial Sumaúma. The walk is 1.55 miles and takes approximately 40 minutes, depending on the interest of the visitor through the forest.

Upon arriving in the community we will be greeted with a regional lunch from season fruit and juices, tapioquinhas and pastries made from cassava, everything produced locally. After lunch, rest in hammocks under the treetops.

Then visit the community through the flour mill, where locals produce cassava flour and its derivatives, the cultivation of priprioca, a type of grass with fragrant root, currently used by cosmetic industries, and it also increasingly used as a flavoring in cooking. Moreover, depending on the season of collection we will know the fruit of Amazonian trees as Brazilian nut, tucumã, acai, graviola and buriti.

The tour ends with a fragrant herbal bath in the creek, then return to the hotels in the sunset. Free night. (B, L)

Day 3 –

Crossing the Amazon River – This morning we sail for two hours crossing the river to reach the world’s largest freshwater island at the mouth of the Amazon. The boat departs from Belém at 8am and arrives to Marajó around 10am. Lodging for three nights at chosen lodge.

Wildlife Viewing – Late this afternoon, visit Fazenda Bom Jesus (ranch), one of the best spots for bird watching on grasslands of Marajó. Experience the rich ecology of Marajó as the sun slowly sets behind the horizon. Sunset w/ sparkling wine and Marajó buffalo cheese.

“Carimbó” – This evening performance of “Carimbó”, dance of indigenous origin, influenced by African and Portuguese, with drums, flutes and strings. (Meals: B)

Day 4 –

Buffalo Brigade & Mangroves – Begin with a boat ride through the mangrove channels of Furo do Miguelón en route to Fazenda Sanjo (Sanjo ranch). Horses and riders meet our boat and those who wish, may ride to the ranch. After a short nature walk, enjoy a country-style BBQ repast with two island specialties: Marajó water buffalo steaks and Marajó buffalo cheese, both produced in-house.

This afternoon, join Sanjo’s gauchos on horseback to bring the grazing water buffalo back through flooded fields to the ranch. (Meals: B, L)

Day 5

Pequeiro Beach – Morning reserved to relax & enjoy the morning sun on the beach. The lunch will be here based on fishes and crabs. We return to the hotel for freshen-up, pick up bags and check-out.

Fly to Belém & Santarém – We take you to a private charter flight back to Belém. The short flight offers jaw-dropping views of the world’s largest freshwater island at the mouth of the Amazon. Arriving In Belém, according your flight, please boarding to fly to Santarém.

Arrival in Santarém and transfers to Alter do Chao – Our staff will be waiting for you in Santarém Airport to take you to the hotel in Alter do Chão. The approximate travel time from Airport to Alter do Chão is 1 hour.

(Meals: B)

Day 6 –

Lago Verde / Serra Piraoca / Ponta do Cururu – After breakfast, begin with a motorboat ride on the Lago Verde (Green Lake), a place of great natural beauty where, according to the legend, the Borari Indians, ancient inhabitants of the region, withdrew stones for making the Muiraquitã, a charm in form of sapo. During the months from February to July, considered the Amazon winter, we visited the Forest Caranazal, a forest that remains submerged during that period. During the months from August to January, considered Amazonian summer, we visit the Igarapé do Macaco Igarapé, a path of clear waters and one of the main sources of the Lago Verde. Then a walk takes us to the viewpoint of the Serra da Piraoca (Piraoca Hills), where we have a panoramic view in 360 degrees of the Tapajós River and Alter do Chão. We stop for lunch. In the afternoon we sail the Tapajós River, to the Ponta do Cururu, a sandy tip dropped on the river. We see the sunset reflected in the great river. It’s a good time to sighting of freshwater dolphins, which often play in this place during the late afternoon. We return to Alter do Chao at dusk. Free evening. (Meals: B, L)

Day 7 –

Tapajós National Forest – After breakfast, we leave to visit the Tapajós National Forest (FLONA), a forest reserve of 600,000 hectares which has primary forest, beaches, traditional communities, streams and flooded forest. We come to the community Maguari, a village with about 50 families, whose economy is based on the sustainable use of natural resources of the forest. We cannot waste time, so we will hike for approximately 3-4 hours in the forest, where we find a number of stately trees of great medicinal value and food for local communities, our goal is to reach the centennial and gigantic Kapok. We return to the rustic lunch at the home of one of the families of the community residents. After lunch a well deserved rest, then let’s learn a little about the production of bags and other handmade items made of latex – the “vegetable leather” extracted from rubber trees. To close our visit, we go out to swim in the stream of the neighboring community called Jamaraquá, who has a natural aquarium full of fish and decorated with a sunken garden. We return to Alter do Chão in the late afternoon. Free night. (Meals: B, L)

8º Dia –

Return home city – Day reserved for your departure. Your check-out is at noon. We hope you have enjoyed every minute of this trip and according to the time of your flight, we leave the hotel towards the Santarém airport, followed by board flight to your home city. End of services. (Meals: B)

Notes Itinerary

The above itinerary is updated and may be different from any previously printed material. Occasionally we make improvements in our itineraries, based on suggestions from our travelers or in our own research. Your local guide will tell you about any change in his first meeting with the group at the beginning of the tour. Any deviation transportation or lodging provided in this trip will not be covered by Rumo Norte Expeditions, which also will not refund any portion of services or activities not used, since our services are guaranteed with the prepayment of our suppliers.

Services Included

  • 2 nights lodging in Belém, double room, in the chosen hotel, breakfast included;
  • 2 nights lodging in Marajó Island, double room, in the chosen hotel, breakfast included;
  • 3 nights lodging in Alter do Chão, double room, in the chosen hotel, breakfast included;
  • All tours described in the itinerary, tickets and fees where there is a fee.
  • River transportation from Belém to Marajó Island in tourist class, when available.
  • Charter flight from Marajó Island to Belém.
  • Locally based, bi-lingual trip leader.
  • Arrival and departure transfers in Belém, Marajó and Alter do Chão.
  • If you choose not to participate in any activity included or using any service on this route, the value will not be refunded

Not Included Services

  • Flight tickets, drinks and meals during staying in Belém, as well as other services and activities not described above, are optional and run on their own.


  • From USD $1,829 per person, accommodated in double rooms, with departures in groups of 4 to 8 participants on the scheduled dates. For private departures, hotels or other options of reserves above four people, please contact us.
  • The amount in Brazilian money (BRL) will be converted to US Dollar (USD) at the time of payment. Check the currency conversion rate at time of purchase.
  • USD $400 deposit required per person or full payment if trip departs within 60 days.
  • Air Fare: You will need to purchase air fare from your home city/Belém, Belém/Santarém and Santarém/home city.