Last Updated: January 1, 2022

The acceptance of your reservation and deposit by Rumo Norte Expedições EIRELI (hereinafter with its affiliates, owners, officers, agents, employees, contractors and subcontractors collectively referred to as “RNX” or “Company”) creates a contractual relationship between RNX and you, the customer/participant in the travel package provided by RNX (and onbehalf of yourself and all other customers/participants for whom you are purchasing the travel package, herein referred to as “you” or “your”) and represents your acceptance of the terms and conditions of your travel package set out herein below (the “Agreement”). Please read the following information carefully. After reading this Agreement, in order for your expedition reservation to be completed, you must to indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions found in this Agreement by signing and returning to the Company or acknowledging and accepting them online. You are advised to check on the RNX website located at or to requeste the latest version of this Agreement from RNX prior to booking your expedition.

Customer/Participant: Client who visits the website and contracts tourist products and/or services provided therein, duly identified in the user register, purchase order form, purchase order, service invoice and/or voucher.

Product and/or Tourist Service Acquired: The one or those made available on the website and / or customized for the contractor, duly identified in the purchase order form, purchase order, service invoice, voucher and / or attached document to this instrument, containing its description.

Contractor: RUMO NORTE EXPEDIÇÕES EIRELI, legal entity under Brazilian private law, enrolled in the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism under No. 14.078792.10.0001-6, CNPJ nº 23.811.825 / 0001-91, municipal registration nº 263.881-3, and established at Avenida Serzedêlo Corrêa , nº 895, Casa nº 59, sala A, in the neighborhood of Batista Campos, in the city of Belém/ State of Pará, Brazil, ZIP CODE 66033-770.

The parties identified above have a fair and correct agreement between these Tourist Service Provision Agreements, regulated by the clauses and conditions set forth below:

The Object

1 – The commercialization and execution of the tourism product specified in the purchase order form, purchase order, service invoice, voucher and/or attached document (Annex I) to this instrument, containing its description, to the CUSTOMER and the persons listed by it in the same document.

(a) It is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER to follow, care and guard the minor (s) described by him in this contract.

(b) Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism are activities, as a rule, practiced in natural environments and that despite the good organization, safety and seriousness of the script, there will always be risks, ranging from minor abrasions, cuts and fractures to accidents of a more serious or fatal.

2 – The regular and integral execution of the object may be impaired due to the occurrence of a risk situation to the life, health or physical integrity of any of the CUSTOMER and other participants or RNX employees. In this case the protection of the health and integrity of the participants will be the absolute priority of RNX, and nothing can claim the CUSTOMER as to the interruption of the service due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.

(a) The activities that will be developed according to this contract are suitable for people of any age, in good health.

(b) Last-minute changes may occur in the tourist route or in its execution, caused by unexpected, fortuitous or force majeure, which in adventure tourism is an integral part of the experience.

(c) Included in the regular events are mandatory preliminary information, lecture when necessary and individual safety equipment, which will be checked by the RNX and CUSTOMER before the start of activities.

The RNX Obligations

3 – The RNX’s obligations are:

I – prepare, organize and execute the tourist itinerary, included in the purchase order form, purchase order, service invoice, voucher and / or in an attached document (Annex I) to this instrument;
II – provide tour guides for contracted services;
III – provide guidelines and information regarding the risk of the event to be organized, as well as equipment, medication and medical assistance necessary for the event;
IV – rigorously monitor the faithful performance of the services performed and of the other contractual clauses;
V – keep confidential all information obtained as a result of this agreement, unless authorized in writing by the CUSTOMER;
VI – provide the services according to the technical standards of each activity, having a security system and management implemented;
VII – offer guides with the necessary knowledge to apply the technical standards;
VIII – offer optional insurance against personal injury;
IX – make available the data of those who may participate in the chain of services offered to the CUSTOMER;
X – make available on the conditions of the equipment, risk of the activity, responsibility for the activity and knowledge of technical standards;

Customer’s Obligations

4 – The CUSTOMER’s obligations are:

I – provide all information to the RNX regarding the state and conditions of health of the participants, as well as the use of medications and health insurance plans, as this information may affect their safety and health in the practice of ecotourism activities and adventure tourism. The RNX is not responsible for the risks caused by the lack of information provided by the CUSTOMER;
II – pay amounts due on the adjusted date;
III – comply with established schedules for the activities contracted here;
IV – comply with the safety standards presented by the RNX, without ever exceeding its limits in excessive impulses;
V – Preserve the areas, facilities and equipment that are placed at their disposal during the execution of the itinerary, depositing the garbage in an appropriate place, not touching or picking natural elements, not polluting water courses, not giving cause to the fires, not contributing to any form of degradation of the sites visited;
VIII – do not make noise for the animals;
IX – to bear losses and damages resulting from their actions or omissions;
X – walk with the guide, never leaving it, always respecting the paths and activities allowed and in case of doubts, immediately seek your guide for clarification;
XI – do not carry any type of weapon, explosives, paint or flammable material.

(a) To abandon the event on its own, after it has been initiated, constitutes the assumption of the CUSTOMER and/or the participant of all risks and charges of the adopted measure.

(b) Participants assume responsibility for failing to follow the guidelines of the guides or for taking irresponsible actions, as well as the risks and other consequences of improper conduct.

(c) The ingestion of alcoholic beverages or drugs before or during activities is strictly prohibited, being the exclusion of the participant, assuming all risks, responsibilities and penalties for the conduct.

Price and Payment Method

5 – The total value of the services provided is detailed in the purchase order form, purchase order and/or service invoice, to be paid at the time of purchase through the payment method chosen by the CUSTOMER.

(a) The amount referred to in this clause covers only the itinerary outlined in the purchase order form, purchase order, service invoice, voucher and / or in the attached document (Annex I) to this instrument.

Withdrawals, Transfers, Cancelations and Dismissals

6 – The CUSTOMER may exercise the right of repentance, in writing, up to 7 (seven) days after the purchase, with full refund of the amount paid. After this deadline the amounts paid will not be refunded.

(a) We strongly advise that all travelers purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance as coverage against a covered unforeseen emergency that may force you to cancel or leave an expedition while it is in progress.

(b) If there is a fair reason, accepted by RNX, the passenger may be replaced, by another indicated by the CUSTOMER or by RNX, until 07 (seven) days before the start of the trip. Likewise, a date redial may occur up to 15 (fifteen) days before the start of the trip.

(c) The withdrawal occurring from the period listed in the caput of this clause, or after the beginning of the service, will not imply in the return of the amounts paid or rebate in the value of the contract.

(d) For refund of the amounts paid, in accordance with the other provisions of this agreement, the CUSTOMER shall send an e-mail to the electronic address, containing all the data of the CUSTOMER, the day of signing the contract, contracted services and amounts paid.

7 – When the execution of the services purchased depends on a minimum number of participants and if this number is not reached, the RNX reserves the right to cancel the trip, notifying the CUSTOMER at least 72 (seventy-two) hours in advance. In the event of a cancellation, another travel itinerary, if any, will be available to the CUSTOMER for the same date or schedule on another date. Not opting for any of the possibilities, will be returned by the RNX the total amount paid, within a period of up to 07 (seven) business days.

8 – The CUSTOMER or any person in the group who causes disruption or whose presence may pose a risk to the health, physical or moral integrity of anyone, shall be disconnected from the trip without the right to receive amounts eventually paid. Dismissals may be made by tour guides as well as by competent authorities.

(a) RNX reserves the right to decline to accept any individual as a trip member for any reason whatsoever.

Duration and Termination

9 – The term of this agreement shall be valid for the duration of the provision of the tourist service, both parties being able to terminate it at any time by giving prior written communication in the following cases, without disregarding the aforementioned:
I – bankruptcy, concordat, judicial or administrative liquidation;
II – by accident or force majeure.

General Provisions

10 – Reserves the RNX the right to change the schedule, as well as to cancel or paralyze activities, due to force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances or any other situation that could bring high risks to the execution of the services, to the life and safety of the people involved , without prior notice, not being responsible for additional expenses that may be generated.

(a) In the event of the above, the CUSTOMER shall, within 24 hours, express in writing, whether or not this instrument is proceeding, where:
I – The CUSTOMER may, together with RNX, choose another date for the trip at the same prices, terms and conditions established herein;
II – Await the overcoming of the fact that caused the impossibility of the event to perform the service.
III – Request the return of the contracted amounts, discounting the percentage of 20% (twenty percent) of the value of the contract as compensation for expenses incurred by RNX.
IV – If it is not possible to choose another date for the trip and not being overcome the fact that caused the impossibility of travel within 60 (sixty) days, this contract will be terminated, returning the amounts paid by the services to the CUSTOMER, discounting the percentage of 20% (twenty percent) of the value of the contract as compensation for expenses incurred by RNX.

11 – The party that fails to comply with this instrument will pay the other, as a fine, the percentage of 20% (twenty percent) of the adjusted amount, in addition to compensation for damages.

(a) RNX is not responsible, does not guarantee and does not intercede for the permanence, nor for the entry or not of the tourist in a foreign country, or the stay of foreign tourist in Brazil, since it falls within the power covered by the sovereignty of a State, this power of discretionary nature, regardless of whether the passenger is fit with the documentation, and is not reimbursed any amount paid.

12 – RNX shall be responsible for compensation for the loss, damage and/or loss of luggage and goods that occurred during the provision of tourist services.

(a) The CUSTOMER, in the event of loss, damage and/or loss of luggage, shall inform the RNX at the time of landing, under penalty of decay of his rights (Article 754 of the Brazilian Civil Code).

(b) The CUSTOMER shall inform the value of the baggage expressly declaring the existence of an object of value, in order to set the limit of any indemnity.

13 – The CUSTOMER acknowledges that it assumes responsibility for damages that compete or cause, understanding that certain facts are the responsibility of the lodging facilities, the tourist carriers or other actors involved in the tourist services chain.

(a) The liability of RNX for the acts of his employees or agents is limited as long as they are within the strict limits of the exercise of the work that competes to them, by virtue of the sale, contracting and execution of the acquired tourist program, being not responsible for acts performed outside of the hiring environment.

14 – To RNX is granted, for an exclusive security issue, the non-acceptance or dismissal of clients that do not present the physical or mental conditions necessary to carry out the activities to be carried out.

(a) If there is no acceptance or dismissal of tourist in the circumstances of the caput of this article, once the services have been initiated, the amounts contracted per person will be refunded, minus the percentage of twenty percent (20%) of the value of the contract by title of the expenses incurred by RNX.

(b) Participation in a RNX program requires that participants be in generally good health. It is essential that persons with any medical problems and related dietary restrictions make them know to us well before departure. We can counsel you on whether the expedition you have selected is appropriate for you.

15 – Any tolerance in the fulfillment of the Contract shall not mean novation or termination of the respective obligation.

16 – RNX may use, reproduce, and/or publish photographs and/or video that may pertain to the CUSTOMER – including its image, likeness, and/or voice without any charge or compensation. The CUSTOMER understand that this material may be used in brochures, e-mails, and online to promote RNX and its product offerings, and give here the proper agreement for it.

17 – The parties elect the courts of Belém, State of Pará, Brazil, to settle any disputes arising from this.